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Cricket at makes a big impression on Lamphun officials

Saturday, 17 December 2011
Cricket at makes a big impression on Lamphun officials

Saturday morning with the sun is shining brightly and definitively no threat of rain, although December is the cold season so we could expect 30c later in the afternoon! Seven schools were chosen to play in this, the 2nd Lamphun tournament, sponsored by Zodiac Aerospace. Unfortunately Umongwittya team failed to show until after 9.00 am and then only 3 players turned up, so their team was made up with players from other teams. This competition we had 8 teams playing, hosts Umongwittya with their "imports", the favourites Sibonyeun, Muangkwak, Ban Jam, again two teams from Pa Heo (Anubanmuanglamphun) School, and two more schools who are new to cricket Chai Stan and Makuajae.

The opening ceremony was opened by Mr. Banriang Uttarasak, a Member of Lamphun Provincial Council,along with Chris Dodd and Sophon Ariyakul, Sophon has been working with Chris helping to secure new Lamphun schools to the programme, his help has been gratefully accepted, just on 9.15 all the talking was done so it was time to start the tournament.

First up on pitch 1 was Muangkwak v Pa Heo p5/2, the experienced girls of the Muangkwak team played very well as expected and completely dominated the young players from Pa Heo and were comfortable winners in a one sided game. Meanwhile on pitch 2 Sibonyeun were up against the vastly improving Ban Jam team, although the score didn't reflect it and Sibonyeun carried on as normal and finished easy winners. With the competition in full swing the new teams were finding their feet, all be it slowly, none of the games were close but it was evident that more competitiveness was on show as the teams got to grip with the finer points of the game. The competition having 4 teams per group meant 6 matches on each pitch to be played before the finals could take place in the afternoon, although it was always known who would be playing in the final, but surprising everyone was Umongwittya and their imports securing as place in the 3rd-4th play off final against Ban Jam, despite it being a one sided game Umong's team did very well just to be there, and so the game finished with a victory by Ban Jam by 55 runs.

The final was a different affair, both teams have met several times in different tournaments over the past year, Sibonyeun always coming out on top. Muangkwak batted first but only managed two 4's in their innings,but largely helped by some wide Sibonyeun bowling and only getting out once allowed them to amass 234 runs. In reply Foei started well bowling Ankor with 2nd ball, in the 3rd over saw Aree ball Min first ball and the pressure was on, although star batter Mick came in and hit three 4's in his first over, Sandao soon slowed things with only 1 run from her over, she had bowled very accurately all tournament, so it was down to the last over, with Mai and Fon at the crease against the bowling of Naporn and Nok, the latter much too accurate for the batters, Muangkwak winning the game by 9 runs. Finally, the Muangkwak team not only beat Sibonyeun but winning the final as well.

A good day's entertainment, enjoyment and a great final to finish off with. I'm sure that everyone had fun and every team went away a little wiser, with more new teams ready to play in the near future and others very keen to play again now they know what to expect, we believe that Lamphun cricket has a great future.

Mr. Kayan Wipromchai, Lamphun Member of Parliament was on hand to present the winners trophy on behalf of Dreissen - Zodiac Aerospace, the sponsors for the competition, unfortunately Alex Schaap was unable to be with us at Umongwittya school, but a big Thank you to Alex for funding the event and for all his support.

The CMSCA and Lamphun cricket would like to thank Umong Municipality for all their support and for all the following people who attended the competition:

Mr. Kayan Wipromchai- Lamphun Member of Parliament

Mr.Banriang Uttarasak - Member of the Lamphun Provincial Council

The Mayor of Umong Municipality

Mr.Jumrat Intamong - Deputy Mayor of Umong Municipality

Mr.Suphacha Wongsatan - Secretary of Umong Municipality

Mr.Chana Chareonporn - Director of Permanent Secretary,Tourism & Sports, Lamphun

Mr.Wirot Nisaiyok - Director of Education at Umong Municipality