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Hill Tribe kids’ visit to Cher’s village in Lamphun Province

Saturday, 1 November 2014
Hill Tribe kids’ visit to Cher’s village in Lamphun Province

On Saturday Chris Dodd gave himself and the HTF kids a rare day off from cricket as he drove a mini bus packed with junior cricketers over to Amphur Li, Lamphun on Saturday which is close to where Eddie Joyner now lives as he keeps fighting fit by looking after his lam yai trees.

Chris, Toy and the kids went there to visit Cher’s family in the village of Phra Bat Huai Tom and gave them much needed winter coats after Chris had had a bag of coats donated from the shop next door in Lamphun along with a few pairs of shoes, writing books, crayons and snacks for kids.

After meeting family members and handing out the gifts we set off for the Mae Ping national park, taking four young girls from the village to the Koe Luang waterfall within the park. Two of the girls were Cher’s cousins and the other two their friends. After a picnic lunch all the girls had a swim or paddle at the waterfall, and after taking the girls back to their village an enjoyable day out was finished off with a visit to the Wat Phra Bat Huai Tom, and they left 20 more packs of writing sets for the monk to distribute to local kids.

It was a great day out and Chris would like to ask for donations of winter coats and warm clothing as Cher tells us that in his village which is much higher in the mountains there is a huge shortage of warm clothes and all donations will be gratefully received before winter sets in.

Club members are invited to donate any old warm clothes or children's shoes or money so that Chris can buy clothes from the second hand shop and take them to the village. We hope this display of wonderful photographs will inspire Lanna CC members to help those less fortunate than themselves.