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Kashmir CC win Ian McDougall Shield in UN Irish Sixes warm-up

Sunday, 22 March 2015
Kashmir CC win Ian McDougall Shield in UN Irish Sixes warm-up

Kashmir CC won the Ian McDougall Shield in the third edition of the UN Irish Sixes warm-up as six local teams battled for honours in a one-day competition at Gymkhana as players gained valuable practice for the San Miguel Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes which were now just two weeks away.

Kashmir CC proudly showed off their new shirts and had a strong team thanks to the addition of Ubaid to the squad of six who have represented United CC in local cricket this year. They won their first two matches to reach the final but it was UN Irish who were the surprise package thanks largely to the exploits of Martin Cardno who was making a rare appearance in Chiang Mai before flying off to Hua Him.

With Sandy Cullen, Dean Henderson and Nick Hanlon, more often sean in the bar than on the cricket field, also in the team UN Irish raised their game and won two matches to reach the final.

Lanna A, with Jun and Choo getting ready for their duties for SM Thais in the main Sixes, and a team including quite a few Floggers & Robbers favourites, each won a match apiece, while Lanna B and Lanna International School made up the rest of the competition.

Even though Martin Cardno and Jason Bray, who will be behind his video camera during the Sixes, both batted well for UN Irish and Sandy Cullen took a magnificent catch in the outfield, Kashmir CC were too good and comfortably won the final, and Ubaid and Ismail should both star with the bat in two weeks time.

Kashmir CC have been enthusiastic opponents of Lanna throughout the season, and they thoroughly deserved their success in the Sixes warm-up as they became the third winners of the Ian McDougall Shield. Lanna A beat the Floggers to finish third and Lanna B defeated LIST to finish fifth.

Another enjoyable day was completed by the Chiang Mai Chassies and Dixie Bells playing their own practice match in preparation for the ladies competition at the Sixes, while the team of umpires and scorers should also be applauded for their efforts.

Thanks to Sandy and Dean at UN Irish for overseeing a marvellous day's cricket in memory of their friend. The food provided was splendid and lasted all day and the beers continued to flow until the sun went down. It was an occasion that Ian McDougall would have thoroughly enjoyed and may many more days like this follow in the Chiang Mai Sixes which start on 5th April. Everybody will be made most welcome.