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Bunchuai and Cher go to Bangkok to play for The Parrots

Thailand CC v Siam CC at TCG Monday, 24 November 2014
Bunchuai and Cher go to Bangkok to play for The Parrots

The Parrots (or Siam CC) are proving to be great friends of Chiang Mai Lanna CC and helping us in the cricket development of our best Thai juniors. Gary Chatfield is President of the club and was a very popular and generous member of Lanna last season when he was living in Chiang Mai and he was able to arrange for the Parrots to sponsor the travel costs of two juniors to play for the team in the Bangkok Cricket League.

Bunchuai and Cher were the lucky pair who took the Friday night bus from Lamphun and reached Thailand Cricket Ground (TCG) early on Saturday morning between Siam CC and Thailand CC. It was a great day for the boys as they played alongside Thailand's men's captain Ryan Raina and fellow Thailand players Bobby Raina and Richard Bowater. Thailand CC also had several Thailand players in their ranks so it was quite an experience for Bunchuai and Cher.

The boys made an extremely good impression and Richard Bowater, better known as Kiwi and a legendary figure in Parrots cricket, was kind enough to send a full report on the day's proceedings. 'Boonchuai and Cher were great and really well received by the lads. The confidence and cricket nous of Boon especially was a great surprise.'

'Cher bowled first change, partly to have a look at him and ensure that he got a taste of cricket early on (it's a long way to come) so I had to make sure he had a chance. He bowled beautifully, straight with the ball doing a bit and hitting the gloves hard for a little fella.'

'I brought him on again at the death and he picked up another wicket with his last ball, caught by Boon who covered more ground in a catch than we do in a whole season. I'd be happy to bowl him again, possibly in tandem with a restricting spinner.'

'Boonchuai bowled a couple of overs and there is real promise there, good flight and some turn. He batted at 4 and came in when we were about 2 for 30 odd and played defensively till drinks. He was in a 50 run partnership that righted the ship, and nudged the ball around well and ran very well between wickets. He accelerated after drinks which was a good sign. TCG has a slow outfield and raw muscle is often required there, Boon had good timing but like so many young players will improve as he gets stronger.'

'The boys behaviour was a credit to them and their families all day. Please pass on our sentiments that we were very impressed by both young men and they really did them and their families proud. They're welcome in the Parrots any time and if ever we can help them, please let us know.'

'The poignant quote at the end when asked if they enjoyed the game was "yes, but next time we win!!"

The Parrots lost by 13 runs in a 45-over match and Cher had the best figures of all bowlers as he took 2 for 17 from his 9 overs. Bunchuai bowled two tidy overs of leg-spin and took an excellent catch before making 13 runs as he batted with Robert Raina.

The boys will not have long to wait for their next opportunity as they are heading off to Sri Lanka on a very exciting trip. It looks like their cricketing education is in safe hands so thank you to all the Parrots and to Gary Chatfield and Richard Bowater in particular.

Thailand CC 178 for 9 (45 overs)
Titas 41; Cher 7-1-17-2

Siam CC 165 (41.4 overs)
Robert Raina 32, Ryan Raina 44, Bunchuai 13

Thailand CC won by 13 runs